My husband, Jaye and I serve as founders and Directors of Song of Hope Ministries. Together, we have taught and led worship as an expression of our testimony for more than a decade as part of the International House of Prayer Kansas City's Executive Management Team. 

My passions are songwriting, preaching, teaching the Word and creative writings such as "The Thankables"- a children’s book series. I also enjoy penning devotional studies, and pioneering and online interactive Bible study for women -"1039 Coalition: Women around the Word" as an expression of my deep love and service to the body of Christ. 

All of these passions and the ones instilled in my family are expressed in Song of Hope Ministries(SOH). With our  headquarters in Kansas City, our passion is to strengthen the Church and bring hope to the hopeless. This reality takes us all over the world and to prisons both domestic and abroad — bringing messages and songs of freedom to those who are bound. SOH s an overflow of our zeal to reach both the lost and the found with this message: seeing Christ rightly will set you free to walk through the mundaneness and pain of life with purpose and hope, understanding that your life is actually part of a great storyline. We each play a unique part in redemptive history.  

SOH is working toward a ministry collaboration with Prison Fellowship to bring the hope of the gospel to incarcerated men and women through their Hope Event™ music program. We are excited about this connection and shared vision! Stay tuned as details unfold.


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