Time To Get Unstuck - Journey Into Hope

Are you familiar with despair? The sensation that “this” will not ever come to an end? From Adam to Job, Israel to America, every person, nation and kingdom has experienced or is experiencing life through their broken humanity. Our humanity leaves us vulnerable and dependent. And in whom we depend determines our experience. Both the Trinity and the world require our all. The Trinity, to our glory. The world, to our despair. In “Time to Get Unstuck”, Nayomi Thomas argues that in his humanity, Jesus never fell prey to hopelessness though he experienced vexation even to the point of death



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E Course
Advent: God Our Promise

Gather young and old around this resource to celebrate this advent season. Together, remember and rejoice in God's faithfulness and meditate on the prophetic Scriptures which foretell the Promised deliverer. Revel in the mystery of HIs incarnation and His indwelling, and be rooted in the hope of the Apostles and the early church: His return! 

Also included: Simple Christmas activities to help children grow in their love for God and understanding of the Gospel. 

Kindle & Paperback
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Giving Thanks Through Leviticus: Gathering as an Act of Worship 

Invite your loved ones, gather around the Word and feast around a meal. Give thanks any time of the year by gathering together and celebrating God, our great Hope. 

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Children's Books.

The Thankables: Three Little Creatures with Large Features

The Thankables; Three Little Creatures with Very Large Features, encourage Jude and his family, during a very difficult season, to endure by keeping their eyes on Christ and their hearts filled with thanksgiving. 

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The Thankables: Don't You Worry, Don't You Fret

The Thankables, Three Little Creatures have returned to Jude's neighborhood, but this time they visit his friend Lilly, her mom and her sister helping to sing their way into joy and gratitude. 

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