Song of Hope Ministries exists to strengthen the Church and bring hope to the hopeless now takes them all over the world — and to prisons both domestic and abroad — bringing messages and songs of freedom to those who are bound. Song of Hope is an overflow of their zeal to reach both the lost and the found with this message: seeing Christ rightly will set you free to walk through the mundaneness and pain of life with purpose and hope, understanding that your life is actually part of a great storyline — we each play a unique part in redemptive history.  

Song of Hope works in collaboration with Prison Fellowship as well as Any Communications Inc. by providing second chance employment to bring the hope of the gospel to incarcerated men and women in practical ways.   We are excited about this connection and shared vision! Stay tuned as details unfold.


Core to all Song of Hope ministry is the conviction that the Gospel makes no distinction between slave and free, male and female — the answer is the same for all: Jesus. Bondage can capture us anywhere — through deeply hidden internal shame while we sit in church, or in the devastatingly visible form of literal prison bars. Song of Hope leaders use focused teaching, discipleship, and mentorship in the Word and worship through online Bible study groups, personal mentorship, group teaching, and worship gatherings to strengthen those within the walls of the church. Beyond those walls, dedication to the work of evangelism and reaching the lost with the Good News takes Song of Hope into prisons and out to communities. Through prison visitation and chaplaincy, those that are incarcerated are ministered to through one-on-one discipleship, Bible studies, teaching, and worship gatherings. 



Founded in 2012 Song of Hope Ministries is an international non-profit ministry organization dedicated to using teaching, discipleship, and music to tell all people — from those inside the church to those inside prison — that the freedom and hope found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone, regardless of circumstance or history.  

Song of Hope teams, encourage believers in the Church how to walk in their freedom in Christ, empowering them to bring that freedom to the bound and broken. Song of Hope actively reaches beyond the walls of the church to those bound by brokenness, and physical incarceration, ministering with these guiding principles: pursuit of holiness and righteousness in every area of life through discipleship; love of the Word of God through development of a life of prayer and meditation; vibrant expression of worship unto transformation and the glorification of Jesus Christ.