Irresistibly Intelligent Fools

 In case you haven’t noticed, good parenting is the latest trend. And as all trends go they must be observed. But I recently had to put an end to my obsessive searches for and skimming through various Instagram stories and blogs. Like a madwoman, I would scroll on my phone, through the stories of the newest and hippest Instagram influencers with the ‘clearest’ voices on parenting with the right picture-perfect hipster images. Cringe! My social media binge usually left me either with a gut-wrenching sense of defeat since I had obviously just failed at the newly posted parenting cue or a piercing grotesque sense of pride that said “You only just now figured this out?! Honey, I knew that a decade ago.”


Admit it. You too have joined me and so many others in chasing down the newest method, the latest scientific discovery, the best and ‘rightest’ approach with that key phrasing and pertinent mom —dad— tone. Please...

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